By Dott.ssa Alessandra Sabetta

The Conquest (1959)

Franco Palumbo was born in Naples in (1926-1969), his passion for the art of painting emerged at an early age and his creativity did not pass unnoticed.

Immediately after the war, Palumbo was discovered by the young painter Armando De Stefano.

He studied at the 'Accademia delle Belle Arti di Napoli in the "painting" course conducted by Emilio Notte.

In the '50s, and the troubled years of reconstruction, vast and important European cultural movements are spreading, which gave artistic expression to the task of bringing to light the changes in modern man, his weaknesses and his individual unconscious states.

Within this wide-ranging backdrop, emerges the so-called Arte Nucleare (Nuclear Art) , an international movement favored and promoted by artists such as, among others,  E. Baj, S. Dangelo E. Sanguineti  and in which Palumbo was an audacious supporter. In 1953 he was among the founders of the Naples based,  Group of Neapolitan Nuclear Painters.


In 1954, having become more mature and expert, he takes a position teaching painting at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Naples. In the same year he was present at the Second Review of Art of the South and in 1956 at the First Exhibition of Fine Arts at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples, an event that launches, for the first time in the city, the lively group of  informalart” and the Neapolitan “Nuclearists”. With Palumbo, who was assigned the Premio Acquisto per la Pittura del Comune di Napoli  (Acquisto Prize for Painting by the Municipality of Naples), were - among others - M. Colucci, L. Galdo, G. Biasi, C. Del Pozzo, M. Persian 


In 1958, with the aggregation of other well-known painters, among them G. Tatafiore, A. Byzantium, R. Barisani, S. Spawning, L. Del Pezzo, M. Persico, B. Di Bello, L. Castellano (Luke), Palumbo exhibited at the Gallery Medea (Na), with the Tredici Pittori Napoletani (Thirteen Neapolitan painters).At the same time he was one of the founders of Documento Sud (the South Document ) and the well-known Group 58.


Gruppo 58



Postes from some exhibitions by the artist with

  the '58 group and with the participation of E. Baj, G. Novelli, A. Perilli, M. Rotella.

Medea Gallery in Naples, February 13, 1958, Galleria San Carlo in Naples, April 11, 1959.

In 1959 he took part with 15 other painters including E. Baj, G. Novelli, A. Perilli, M. Rotella, in the Prima Rassegna Documento dell'Arte Attuale nel Sud  (First Exhibition of Contemporary paper art in  Southern Italy) (Galleria San Carlo). "This exhibition marks a significant moment of artistic events that are projected decisively in the National and International context." (A. Del Guercio, , Pittura del Novecento (Painting of the twentieth century), Torino 1980)


Collaborations and Art Journals


Franco Palumbo also worked in major art journals: from Il Gesto (The Gesture) of the Nuclear Group of Milan and the Appia-Atlante Internazionale d'Arte Nuova (International Art-Atlas Appia Nuova), directed by Emilio Villa, published in Rome, to the art magazine  Documento Sud  (South Document) (1959-1960 ), whose first issue come out in Naples in October of 1959. This magazine brought the City to the center of national and international documentation concerning avant-guarde artistic activities in this period. It is in this perspective that Franco Palumbo offered his fundamental and extensive collaboration

Among others,  wrote of him in their works Tristax Sauvage, Lea Vergine, Enrico Crispolti, Filiberto Menna, Ciro Ruju, Antonio Del Guercio, Luigi Castellano, (Luke), Edoardo Sanguineti, Mario Bito, Gino Grassi, Carlo Guareschi Giorgio Di Genova, the Corriere di Roma,  Il Tempo, Paese Sera, Il Mattino di Napoli






L'arte come forma di rieducazione ed espressione del sè. Sostegno alla genitorialità e cura del disagio infantile e adolescenziale


Art Prints

“Meccanismi è un’esperienza multisensoriale nata dal mio desiderio di elevare la ‘psicoarte’ a guida del nostro vivere quotidiano”

(Di Daniela Iezzi)

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